Professor Bernd Neumaier: Molecular Imaging (Max Planck Institut für neurologische Forschung, Radiochemistry)

Improvements of imaging modalities such as Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and Optical Imaging (OI) over the past decade have enabled to non-invasively assess the dynamics of disease-specific processes at the molecular level. The Molecular Imaging facility will give access to high-end imaging techniques implying the use of μPET and Optical Imaging (OI). The service will allow to investigate cardiovascular diseases on a molecular level and will give insights into pathophysiological disease associated alterations. For it, a fully equipped laboratory with cyclotron and hot cells with automatized synthesizers is available. This is mandatory for the development of novel radioactive probes which enable to address a variety of molecular targets associated, particularly those associated with inflammation and vascular diseases. Furthermore, a small animal scanner is available for testing the probes in preclinical set-ups utilizing various animal models including mice and rats.