Professor Reinhard Büttner: Histopathology (Institute for Pathology)

Inflammatory pathways activate complex cellular interactions steering tissue damage and remodelling in cardiovascular diseases. A key issue of this collaborative project grant is to analyse the dialogue between cellular components of the immune system and the vascular wall and to transfer results from mouse models to human tissues.
Therefore, the first aim of this core project is to establish a platform for reliable and semi-quantitative immunohistochemical staining of murine and human tissues that can be used by all individual projects of the graduate program. We will provide a panel of defined antibodies and staining protocols in order to visualize reproducibly immune cell infiltrates and stromal components. Secondly, the core platform “Histopathology” will provide a centralized staining service and support semi-quantitative measurements and image storage by providing virtual microscopy. This will allow us to compare the composition of the immune cell infiltrate within the remodelling vascular wall among the different disease models that are investigated by the individual research projects. Also, application of individually generated immune sera to immunostaining of tissue samples will be facilitated. Thirdly, the core platform supports transfer of the results from murine studies into analysis of human tissues by providing tissue microarrays (TMAs) of human specimens along with compiled clinical data. In addition, microdissected samples for extraction of RNA and DNA will be provided to support genetic analyses of the different disease models. Thereby, results from the murine models can be applied to human tissues in a rapid, standardized and reproducible fashion.